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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days (2010)

Writer: Paul Haggis (screenplay), Fred Cavaye & Guillame Lemans (franch screenplay?)
Director: Paul Haggis
Starring: Russell "man the sails!" Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, and old man Brian Dennehy

a guy's wife is arrested and sentenced to life for murdering her boss. russell crowe loves her so much and is convinced she is innocent. when the justice system fails and all avenues have been pursued and lost, he plans to break her out. does he have the balls to do it?

The Woman
man. i can't work this one out. i know i didn't like it and here's why: they did a good job humanizing the situation. the horror of being ripped from your husband and toddler with no warning for something you didn't do. the agony of watching your son grow distant and angry towards you. horrible. but the plot was kind of boring for an hour and forty minutes of the two hour movie. it's mostly russell crowe just researching and testing things out and educating himself on how to successfully break someone out of jail. it was a weird mix of a dramatic character piece and action movie and i don't think it was successful in it's mixture. i have issue with the ending as well. i was upset at both types of endings. when it looks like they will successfully get away i felt gypped (is that an offensive term to use?) because throughout the whole movie russell crowe just fucks up every endeavor he undertakes. so why would he be successful in the big one? but then when it looks like they're going to get caught i was upset too because deep down you want them to live happily ever after with the crap hand they have been dealt for the last three years.

it's irritating to me that the way i feel about this is an enigma. i don't want to put this much thought into a movie i ultimately disliked. especially a russell crowe movie. maybe that says something in itself?

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