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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Time is it There?

What Time is it There? (2001)

Writer: some people
Director: an asian guy from...malaysia?
Starring: some people...two-ish of them

a wathc vendor guy becomes obsessed with this chick he sold his watch to. he's sad because his father died. she's in paris because. and sad because she's experiencing loneliness and culture shock. they get run over by trains...i made that last sentence up.
This was pretty disappointing. It was on a list of top films of the decade from a site I trust; and I don't know if I should be disappointed in myself for COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT or if I should be disappointed in them for putting it forward.   The two storylines were supposed to be connected by some strange mystical force but I didn't see that at all.  The direction was trite and cliche, and the ending felt tacked-on.

I would go into more detail, but:
A) The odds of one of you watching this are extremely small.
B) We watched this a very long time ago.
C) Again, I got no passion from watching this.

The Woman
holy crap, i HATED this. i want my two hours back.

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