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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring (2003)

Writer: Ki-duk Kim
Director: Ki-duk Kim
Starring: Ki-duk Kim, Yeong-su Oh

a monk in a temple in the middle of a river trains a child monk. the kid is a really bad buddhist. vagina leads him astray. things go wrong, and then the circle of life.

Oh, my beautiful, beautiful curmudgeon.  Would you have worn such a wry expression on your face for the duration of this movie had you watched it eleven years ago?

I did find this film to be beautiful.  It was a "circle of life" movie, but it came from a place of which I didn't know very much and which I found to be fascinating.  There was some imagery which I may or may not have understood. Was Old Monk reincarnated as the snake? If so, was that a reward for his attempt or a punishment for his failure?  Were the scenes at the end flashbacks or something deeper? 

This was a quiet movie, and I like those in general. It seems to me that it represented a life which, while not for me, is idyllic and unachievable for a large portion of the population.  I like when characters don't need a lot of dialog to convey what they're thinking and I don't think it's a slight against the actors to say that they pulled it off very well.

Keeping all that in mind, you know what would have improved this movie? B.D. Wong. 

ETA:  It's annoying to me that the woman dominates the poster.

The Woman
MOSTER!!!!!! this is what happens when moster takes suggestions on what would be a good movie to watch. shme. and totally forgettable. i'm glad it's back in the mail and not collecting dust on our shelf. boring. barely any dialog. not bad, just boring. moster says it was shot "beautifully" i disagree. it was done well, but not "beautifully". at best average leaning towards good.

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