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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Bottom: Complete Series (1991-1995)

Starring: Rick Mayall and Adrian Edmonson

Eddie Hitler and Richard Richard live together in an apartment. They argue a lot and hit each other a lot and sometimes they have friends over.  Once or twice they leave the apartment.

The Woman
this was as if rik and vyvian grew up and out of their young idealism all the while still living together. on a whole i enjoyed it. those two really have great chemistry together. some episodes were really funny others seemed to miss the mark a bit. richie richard and edward hitler are totally awesome names, and truly are the bottom.

this and exposing my husband to buffy the vampire slayer are the reason for the light posting on the blog lately. i take full responsibility and don't regret it.

I don't want to talk about the implausibility of the premise because that would be dumb of me.

I don't think this one did as much for me as it did for el Woman. It wasn't as crappy as it could have been, and even the setups that didn't succeed came from a cerebral place.  The slapstick violence in the earlier episodes evolved (to an extent) to be more strategically-deployed carnage later on, and some of those longer-term payoffs were really great.  There was definitely some humor in here and I laughed aloud a few times.

But it was a LONG way to go to get those laughs out of me.

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