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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Case 39

Case 39 (2009) or as it's known in Mexico: Caso 39

Writer: Ray "scarypants"Wright
Director: Christian Alvert
Starring: Fishlips McGee or "renee zelleweger" if you prefer, Jodelle Ferland, Ian McShane

social worker CPS agent fishlips squinty eyes is given her 39th active case. she checks it out. the parents come off as crazy wackadoos. they try and kill their daughter in a fairly awesome way only to be stopped by that meddling case worker. case worker has the little girl placed in her home to give that sense of reality, and things start to go spooooooooooky.

The Woman
wow. this was amazing. i knew i was going to enjoy it when netflixed guessed i was going to give it two stars. yet another stupid unthought out "horror" movie where ooooooooo! people are killed. and ooooooooo! the girl is innocent like a devil spawn. i saw this movie when it was done better and it was called "orphan". and i disliked it then. at least in "orphan" things were laid out for you. yeah it was lame, but at least they gave motive and explained the PLOT. i think the motive and what this girl really was was left out on purpose to make it more mysterious and scary(? for lack of a better term) it just made it poor and really dumb.

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