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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Foxes (1980)

Writer: Gerald Ayres
Director: Adrian Lyne
Starring: Jodi Foster, Cherie Currie, and Scott Baio and Randy Quaid

Four high school senior girls live in LA.  They deal with absent parents (some of whom actually care) and the stupidity that comes with their age.  Tribulations ensue.

The Woman
this was pretty after school special. retardedly so. a pack of teen girls in various states of unhappy home life. jodie foster- chick who feels the need to take care of everybody because of her childish mother and absent father. cherie currie- chick who has launched herself head first into drugs and out of comtrol wildness because her cop father is out of control controlling and abusive. the whore chick, and the virgin side kicks. that's stereo typed clique clicheness right there. in my all girls highschool experience the whores hung with the whores, the virgins hung with the virgins and the boozers and addicts hung with each other with the jodi foster type thrown in for good measure but she was usually into the booze and drugs too.

it walked that fine line of terrible and awesome with a few tips each way.  i guess when it tips to terrible that automatically overrides the awesomeness. no matter how many times it is awesomely bad. you know? yeah. i wouldn't tell anyone to watch this, but i didn't hate it. i kind of couldn't wait for one or more of these chicks to die.


Dude, I don't remember much about this; it kind of washed over me.  It was very much a product of its period.  The acting was rather good, actually. The direction was pretty good.  The production was (methinks) quite realistic.  There are few elements of the story (and no major ones) that you can't predict after about...well...I'll be charitable and say nine minutes of screen time.  So watch the first nine minutes and then fast forward to the (spoiler alert!) drunken death and funeral.

Unless you're in love with Scott Baio or Randy Quaid, because they're only in the middle.

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