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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host (2010)

Writer: Nick Tomnay, Krishna Jones
Director: Nick Tomnay
Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford

a bank robber falls into the tangly web of a weirdo where he is forced to participate in a pretend dinner party.

The Woman
i had such high hopes for this one. david hyde pierce was fantastic, and who wouldn't have fun playing a psychotic. i especially loved the "car wash" dance number. unfortunately, he couldn't carry the whole movie. the plot was a little weak bordering on lame and then it took a turn for a what-the-fuck?. the whole last 15-20 minutes felt totally disconnected from the rest of the movie. why introduce a whole new subplot at that point? it didn't make any sense. i think, if i recall correctly, i actually made a stink face upper lip curl. that's a pretty strong reaction for someone who is immersed in getting as much knitting of the hooded sweater vest as i can before my kid awakes and needs some sort of parental supervision. oh, well. on to the next movie.

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