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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010)
Director: Craig McCall

like the title says. a documentary on the expansive career of jack cardiff who was britain's first technicolor cameraman and filmed, among many, "the red shoes" and "rambo: firstblood part 2"

 The Woman
i've been a wicked slacker, so we watched this something like three weeks ago. i was not that impressed, however. that made a lasting mark. this guy was pretty super awesome, but the documentary itself got kind of boring. there was nothing said about his personal life, it was just all of his professional life. he was in the business from the time he was a teenager until his 90's (?) and maybe there was no talk about his personal life because he devoted all his time to his career. i just don't know because it wasn't discussed at all. if it's a biographical thing, these are facts i would like to know as a member of the audience. eh. disappointed. i had expectations for this one.

it was neat to hear him talk about the stuff he improvised on, though, to get effects. stuff he thought up on the fly, and the techniques he used with the newfangled technology camera's back then. i.e. just breathing on the lens to create a fog effect.

This is one of those documentaries which doesn't keep up with the subject matter.  It started out really strongly--I was actually at the edge of my seat for the first 20 minutes, waiting to go into the kitchen--but it became too repetitive.  There were many interesting things but they were separated by too much fluff.  It didn't talk about the dude's personal life at all.  It was more like a reenactment of his IMDB page, bu only the filmography tab.

It did give me some good queue-add ideas, and for my woman's sake I'll have to keep myself under some level of control with the IMDBing and the Netflixing.

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