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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Send Me No Flowers

Send Me No Flowers (1964)

Writer: Norman Barasch & Carroll Moore (play) Julius Epstein (screenplay)
Director: Norman Jewison
Starring: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall

a hypochondriac thinks he's dying and conspires with his best friend/neighbor to make sure his wife is taken care of after he dies.

We have one more of these in the house, and I think after that I'll be cured of my Hudson/Day curiosity.  A lot of this was funny and the way the misunderstanding continued to play out was pretty good, until an ending which embodies all the worst marriage stereotypes.  The actors, Paul Lynde in particular, all appear to have had a good time.  Tony Randall was great as a lush of a husband on his own while the family vacations.  There was also some good social commentary on the need to medicate the fuck out of every condition imaginable.

This is one of those prototypical movies where it seems to me like the plot was a lot newer 45 years ago than it is today.  Maybe not; maybe my dissatisfaction with the modern movie industry is bleeding into my opinion; that certainly happens all the time.

The Woman
funny in parts. the beginning was way more entertaining than the middle and the middle was way more entertaining than the end. if you can't tell by this description it started to get old and drag after awhile. it was interesting to see the drastic changes that have happened in domestic life in the past 50 years. this is where i started to find issue with some of the things that were going on. for example: the whole husband + affair= just turn your head the other way and try and forget about it thing. this movie made it seem like a very commonplace thing. in fact, the best friend was quite the lovable character to me until it comes to light casually towards the end that he's had a couple flings outside of his marriage. no biggie. it was just little things like that which prevent me from saying i really liked this movie. i guess you take it with a grain of salt because of the era, but still. it's a doris day movie. all sunshine and fun...and housewifey. perhaps this should be a must watch for the artist collective i'm in....mental note.

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