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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Interview (2007)

Writer: Steve Buscemi, David Schechter, (screenplay) Theodor Holman (original screenplay)
Director: Steve Buscemi
Starring: Steve Buscemi, Sienna Miller

Washington reporter gets stuck doing a semi-fluff piece interviewing a popular TV / movie star.  After a shitty start, circumstances conspire (as they often do in film) to bring them into her apartment for a second chance.

The Woman
meh. i fell asleep a little i must admit. it seemed very play to me. one set, two actors, character analysis and all that. very deliberate in every way. after sitting in the sun all morning watching the parade i guess i just wasn't feeling it. it was the complete opposite of a michael bay action movie. not quite as boring as "my dinner with andre" but there were similarities. it wasn't bad, but it could be skippable.

I liked this one pretty well.  It gets a solid 3 from me.  While the credits say it was based on a movie--and some of the digging which I actually bothered to do supports that assertion--it really does feel like a play.  The vast majority of the movie is set in one location and it's a story of two people who are essentially lying to each other.

This was acted well, directed well, and shot well.  It also had an ambiguous ending, and I'm a sucker for a lack of closure.

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