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Friday, June 17, 2011

Knight and Day

Knight and Day (2010)

Writer: Patrick O'Neill
Director: James Mangold
Starring: Tom Cruise (douchebag), Cameron Diaz (super annoying)

spy meets chick. uses chick for a second. grows to like chick. chick becomes involved in spy adventure. chick becomes indispensable. chick thinks spy is lying. chick betrays spy. chick finds out she's wrong. reconciliation. gun fight. the end.

The Woman
when i watched the preview for this i hemmed and hawed about putting it on the queue because of my total disdain for tom cruise and my utter dislike of cameron diaz. i don't like them. yet. i enjoyed. this. movie. this is not to say it was a good movie. it was terrible. but i reveled in that horribleness. i could recognize when i was supposed to laugh or what was supposed to be funny. i didn't laugh. not even a smile. and yet, it was such brainlessness that it was like the marijuana to my brain. it wasn't hardcore enough to be called crack or heroin just a little high that blocked my brain from proper perception. i would not ever tell anyone they should expose themselves to this. i'm just saying it hit my eyeballs at the right moment.

i still want to vomit when i see tom cruise has made another movie, and i still roll my eyes at the thought of cameron diaz. this was just the bermuda triangle of movies to me.

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