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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New York Ripper

The New York Ripper (1982)
Written by Gianfranco Clerci, Lucio Fulci, Vincenzo Mannino, Dardano Saccheti
Directed by Lucio Fulci
Starring Jack Hedley, Almata Suska, Howard Ross

A knife-weilding maniac wreaks havoc on early-80s New York by killing a bunch of women.  There are some other odd characters involved at various points.

The Woman
entertaining. not a must. it wasn't as gruesome as moster expected and therefore i expected. with the one exception of the slicing in half of a nipple that made me squirm a little. all in all, shme. i think i dozed a little during the middle somewhere too. not for long, but the fact that it happened says something. it was a silly, early 80's, slasher film with a lot of nudity and a mildly predictable ending.

This was something of a letdown for me, which is not fair to the movie.  To begin with, this had been in the queue since before we moved out of Woodbury, because it was billed as so super violent and depraved.  Due in part to my level of jadedness, and in part to how cinematic tastes have evolved in the last 30 (!) years, it just wasn't sharp enough.

All things considered, it's actually quite a technical achievement.  People in Europe, especially in the 80s, didn't care about having perfect synchronization between audio and video, and it doesn't matter one bit.  Really, this wasn't bad and it wasn't a failure.  It came from a standpoint of art and craft, and those attributes are apparent throughout the production.  Acting was pretty OK, direction and cinematography were certainly present, accounted for, and in good working order.  And the story had some depth and a pretty silly twist. There were even some red herrings.

This is not a movie to seek, because it just isn't.  But that doesn't make it one to avoid.

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