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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Life of Reilly

The Life of Reilly (2007)

Writer: Paul Linke, Charles Nelson Reilly
Director: Frank L. Anderson, Barry Poltermann
Starring: Charles Nelson Reilly

a filming of charles nelson reilly's one man, autobiographical stage show with edits and text to keep you up to date.

This did nothing but solidify my love for CNR.  Having come upon him through Match Game reruns, it was a great pleasure to see him really get to act; and from his naturalistic performance (befitting an autobiographical one-man show) of most of the material through a nifty bit of Shakespeare, he beat the hell out of this thing.  Like most biographies, his story has it share of tragedy to balance the joy, but he comes off as an excellent product of his travails.

Technically, the film was very good.  My opinion on the cinematography vacillated as we watched the film, but I've concluded that the odd angles and changing views did a great service to the telling of the story.  Cutaways to film which were very likely shown on a screen behind the stage were done nicely as well. 

Our big complaint is that we only saw 90 of the roughly 180 minutes of the show; and I feel we missed out on many important elements of his life.  That said, it's rare of either of us to want MORE of a movie.

Highly recommended.

The Woman
i highly enjoyed this. i saw it on the instant queue, and my jaw hung open for a few minutes. we love charles nelson reilly in this house. he's faaaabulous. the cuts and text bothered me a little because i was so into the play that the text and the breaks and animations took you out of the moment. i kind of wish it was just the three hour play filmed in it's entirety. i would have sat through that. i think most people who would watch this would. i also have some issue with the use of "match game" in the promotional things, i.e. the poster, and it was not mentioned at all. i would have liked to hear his take on what was going on behind the scenes and how he and brett got along, because they seemed so tight on the show. you know it was discussed in the play. it had to have been. it just ended up on the cutting room floor. that's ok, but don't then turn around and use it's imagery for the poster.

i would also recommend checking out charles nelson reilly's picture on imdb. it's fantastic. i think he would highly approve.

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