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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jason X

Jason X (2001)

Writer: Todd Farmer?
Director: James Isaac
Starring: some people. mostly the local community theater community's worst

Is this entirely necessary?  OK.

Jason Voorhees has been captured and imprisoned in some kind of special underground laboratory; and the intelligent scientist is about to freeze him when the government steps in and fucks everything up.  Due to some contrivances, both the scientist and Jason are cryogenically frozen for 400 years, until a ship can come from Earth II and claim them as highly valuable scientific material.

Once on the ship, additional contrivances cause Jason to revive and wreak havok.  Simultaneously, people fuck and expose their breasts (these sets intersect but do not overlap fully).
The Woman
predictable, but that didn't matter. this was truly a sy-fy original quality film. it's actually really hard to believe this was released to theaters on a major scale. i think i might have been pissed if, in 2001, i paid $8 to see this. but since we have netflix i count this one as a freebie. i do feel it could have been slightly gorier. lots of the cool stuff happen off screen, like the person sucked through a grate to become a floating mass of mush in outerspace. i would have liked to have seen that process. i think it shows a lack in budget and/or the lack of creativity on the special effects staff. oh well. it was fun though.

This is a Friday the 13th movie, and within that context it fell a little short of my expectations in that there were too few breasts on display. 

Other than that I guess it was fine.  There was some halfway-decent suspense, though it was all tempered by the whole, "why don't they just..." factor which is a common theme when we watch these sorts of films.  Leila's assessment of the cast is spot-on.

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