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Friday, October 15, 2010

Remember Me

Remember Me (2010)

Director: Allen Coulter
Writer: Will Fetters
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Peirce Brosnan

angsty boy who's grieving his brother gets into trouble because he's angsty. while remaining full of angst he falls in love with a cop's daughter who watched her mother, martha plimpton, get shot in a mugging when she was nine. her father, the cop, is much more affected by that fact though as he is overbearing and somewhat boozy.

The Woman
i'm just going to say at the beginning of this i'm going to spoiler the shit out of this movie. if you have any interest whatsoever in subjecting yourself to this movie you may not want to continue.

i was all right with this movie until the last twenty minutes or so. it was kind of boring and slow, but i remember being young and full of the angst in my early twenties. i don't know why it opened with poor martha plimpton being shot in the chest. that was almost the last time it was mentioned in the movie. i guess they needed a reason for chris cooper to be such an ass, but that could have been done with a line or two. also peirce brosnan should never attempt a brooklyn accent EVER again. i was practically laughing out loud at him. so yeah. the whole mugging thing happens in 1991 in nyc. the present of the movie is TEN YEARS LATER. hint, hint, hint. they fall in love. he tells her that her father arrested him and he got with her in the beginning as a revengey thing, but now he really loves her. she leaves. they get back together everything is wonderful....too wonderful....his angst has dissipated, they're young and in love....she asks him what he wants for breakfast after his meeting with his father....a high powered attorney (?)with a prestigious office in downtown nyc..... ominous music calls. he's running twenty minutes late because he's decided to spend time with his much neglected daughter and take her to it's early morning.....but robert pattinson is already there! he gets in the elevator. 88th floor, 89th this point i seriously consider turning it off because they're dragging this out so horribly it's become annoying. gets to his fathers office and looks around....sits at the seat behind the desk... sees the photos of him and his brother and sister as kids in a slideshow on his father's computer. awwwww he really does love them. their relationship has been mended. cut to the sister in class. on the board it says September 11th, 2001! i never saw that coming! cut to mr. pattinson he slowly walks over to the window and looks out over the city. the camera pans out to show he is on the seriously close to the top floor of one of the really badly computer generated twin towers. they could have ended here, but no. reaction shots of everyone who walked on camera throughout the entire movie. then, seriously this movie isn't over yet, they show his diary in the rubble and ash. no kidding. apparently it was jet fuel resistant.  then they show the family putting stones on his grave next to his dead brother. are you still with me because this shit's not done? now they show all the people in the movie going on with their terrible lives. the joker has become a dedicated student, they daughter is with the father in an art museum, and so on and so forth. last shots are of emilie de ravin who steps onto the subway from the same platform where poor martha plimptin got one in the chest. close up on ms. de ravin's face. she is smiling..sort of. fade out.

i rolled my eyes and almost hurled.....remember that.


  1. Well, some people get it and some don't. I loved it. It has a lot to offer if you are open to it. I'm sensing you're not. LOL

  2. look, i was with it in the beginning and the middle, and i'm not even opposed to robert pattinson being a 9/11 victim. my opposition and complaint is the twenty minutes of build up to reveal something that was fairly obvious fifteen minutes into the movie. you can build up tension, but to spend twenty minutes doing so is obnoxious and off putting.