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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Endurance

The Endurance (2000)

Director: George Butler
Narrator: Liam Neeson

Documentary which tells of the 1927 Shackleton expedition to reach the south pole.  The film is named after the ship on which they traveled.

The Woman
i enjoyed this greatly. that said i'm kind of a documentary addict so.....
i'm am totally impressed with the outcome of this expedition. it seemed that everything that could go wrong (short of dying) did go wrong. i don't think you would see that kind of survival happen in contemporary days. they were made of different stock back then. i know i would have died at least four times over. very impressive leadership, and survival skills.
i also enjoyed seeing all the old photos and footage actually taken on the expedition. it makes it more real and tangible.

This is the sort of documentary which merges interesting subject matter with excellent presentation.  Unpretentiously narrated by Neeson, the movie combines the various available media with interviews with the (old!) grandchildren of the men in the expedition.  The film follows a chronological course which perfectly suits the material on which it's based.  I also appreciate how the presentation unfolds around a story free of "bad guys."  The frustration that we feel is not aimed at specific people but at a series of shitty situations.

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