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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

Director: George Barry
Writer: George Barry
Starring: Demene Hall, Rusty Russ, and some other people you've never heard of
a demon's cursed bed is a death bed for several people....whom it eats.

I don't know quite what I expected of this movie, but this wasn't it.  It wasn't pretentious and it wasn't intentionally over the top.  I think this is more the product of a filmmaker with a dream and meager funds.

The story is actually presented as short stories connected by the death bed and the weird narrator dude.  There wasn't an arc, as such; and there wasn't anything more concrete which connected the characters we did see.  There could have been a better prologue about the origins of the bed; but again that was probably due to budget constraints.  There was a clear point of view through the whole picture and I can see how a cinema 30 years ago would be filled with a tooth-edgy feeling (which is a couple of steps before "seat-edgy" on the dread scale).  The inner monologue thing seemed a little sketchy at first, but I think that it ended up helping.

I'm not sure if I recommend this but it gets a 3 because I didn't NOT like it.

The Woman
um this was pretty straight forward in a weird and confusing way. there was no real main character except for an eaten guy who was somehow transported into his painting of the death bed: the bed that eats. most of the dialog was different characters inner monologues. i'm not quite clear on how the death bed: the bed that eats became the death bed: the bed that eats, or the way it was SPOILER ALERT destroyed. there was some sort of cockamamie story about a demon seducing a maid, and somehow she died (during or shortly after copulation?) and the demon cried blood? and the bed they had sex on became the death bed: the bed that eats, and the demon went to live in a tree where he only closed his eyes once every ten years and therefore made the bed powerless? i know, it makes perfect sense. so lots of people get eaten by the death bed: the bed that eats and then it eats more poeple and then it strips rusty russ' hands to the bone, and then the guy in the painting says that the demon has fallen asleep and then the bed is vulnerable, but no one survives anyway. the end.

i liked sleep away camp better, but this was a chuckle.

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