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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bride Wars

Bride Wars (2009)

Director: Gary Winick
Writer: Greg DePaul, Casey Wilson, and two other people who should be ashamed of themselves.
Starring: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway

two "best friend" chicks who have been obsessing about their weddings since small childhood get engaged. "june at the plaza" is their absolute must. they hire new york's most respected wedding planner who messes up the appointments and books both of their weddings at the same time on the same day! what a crazy twist!!!!

The Woman
this was so stereotypical girl planning her wedding and getting so out of control and losing her perspective, it was almost offensive. these girls belonged to a sorority, all they care about is the wedding itself as an entity, and they are all booze obssessed, check-listy chicks. and then they hire a wedding planner, because they have such visions of their weddings they need someone else to make it for them. i don't identify with that type of girl, i don't know if she even exists in real life, but i was offended. comments like "they don't show you how crazy they are until it's too late..." coming from the grooms to be. listen buddy, if you don't want to marry a psycho maybe you shouldn't. things like not consulting the men because who cares what the men think, or they're too busy drinking beer and watching sports...i can barely take it.

i will admit i was working on something at my "studio" table so i wasn't all that immersed in the movie, but i strongly feel the fact that i was rolling my eyes from across the room, with the mild amount of attention i was giving to this flaming pile of money lit on fire and shot out of a cannon straight into the toilet, means that if i was watching this twiddling my thumbs on the couch i would have either turned it off or found something for me to occupy 90% of my attention. i mean i had heard the warnings about this stinky dump on perfumed stationary, but i always feel i should make my own opinion. and.... yup i agree with the consensus. this blew projectile beefaroni vomit all over your favorite grandmother. nobody in a thousand mile radius of the making of this movie cared about the expired product they were selling to the public. poison, people, poison. i think i may have to go back right now and see if one of the writers is a woman. hold on.... TWO! there were two of, i think i just lost respect for the female gender. in which case, i loved this movie!

i think oscar may have woken up before i finished watching this rotting pile of summer diaper garbage, but i did actually stop paying attention all together at the end. all i heard was the incredibly predictable next check on the checklist of life, duel pregnancy exclamations (with the same due date) for the last moments of this turd. i hope kate hudson and anne hathaway are proud of themselves.

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