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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writer: David Levien, Brian Koppelman
Starring: Sasha Grey, Chris Santos

this is about an escort. she has a boyfriend.

The Woman
this totally sucked ass. i watched it because it was short and had been on our instant queue for awhile. in the info the first thing it says is that this was made for under $2 million. really? to brag about that is not cool. i should have known right there. clerks was made with a quarter of that and it could eat this movie for a tasty snack. there was all this political rambling done by her clients (it's takes place right before the 2008 presidential election) and whining about the economy. look i'm living that shit right now. i don't need a look back two years ago. i remember. especially from the rich assholes of manhattan who caused this to happen in the first place. boo hoo. i'm making a third less than what i used to. that house in the hamptons might have to go on the market. boo hoo. high class escort is losing clients because they can't afford to poop that kind of money down the toilet. booo hooo. there were all these scenes with her boyfriend's life as a personal trainer too. they seemed to me to be random and pointless. they only showed them together as a couple hanging out in their apartment twice maybe. i don't need his story because his life and background are not important to the "story" being told. he was a huge douche anyway. yes, she spends time in sweats on the couch watching tv with her asshole boyfriend. that scene and the fact that he knew she was a hooker are the only facts i need to know about that situation. all in all i didn't get it. there was no clear point to the movie. and SPOILER ALERT! they break up at the end. but their relationship isn't the focus of the movie anyway so who cares. the girlfriend experience is what she gives to her clients. there. now you don't have to watch the movie. if you're into watching things about escorts, watch the "secret diary of a call girl" because that is waaayy better. and more serialized which makes it...hold onto your hats...entertaining.

 and p.s. even the poster annoys me. there is nothing sensational anywhere near this movie. there aren't even any sex scenes. that would have driven the budget up i'm imagining and then they couldn't boast about how inexpensive it was.

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