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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Doubt (2008)
Written and Directed by John Patrick Shanley
Starring Phillip Meryl Streep, ("he IS") Seymour Hoffman (-Leila), Amy Adams

At a Catholic school / church in the 60s (?) the nun in charge of the school is concerned with the priest's attentions toward the a new student.

The Woman
very good. good acting, good direction, good concept. not the molestation bit, but the constant subject of doubt. i think every actor in this was pretty exceptional and the cinematography was really noteworthy too. all the structures and architectural shapes were yummy. nothing about this movie had even a scent of pretension in it and i appreciate that. especially since it was so good. it almost makes all the crap we watch worth it so we can recognize real intention and purpose with clarity.

This movie is deliberate, which is not the same as slow.  Nothing is rushed because nothing in the real world would have been rushed. Individual scenes have fervor which contributes to the perfect pacing.  Acting is exactly where it should be given the top-billings; and there are more than one scene-stealing smaller performance.  A lack of ostentatiousness separates this film from many of the "esteem pictures" we've seen lately.  Tricksy shots advance the story rather than hindering it.

Finally we've seen a 2008 Oscar movie worth our time.  "Doubt" is the title for a reason, but it's certainty which makes the characters interesting as no single action in the film originates in malice.  In addition to the excellent final scene, the philosophical questions transcend religion to stay with the viewer.

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