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Monday, August 16, 2010

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday (1953)
Directed by William Wyler
Written by Ian McLellan Hunter, John Dighton
Starring Audrey Hepburn, young hot Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert, a whole host of actually Italian people

A princess from an unnamed European country (which was probably a joke 50 years ago that I don't get today) gets pissed off at all the bullshit and runs away.  She intends to go for a couple of hours, but since her handlers drugged her she ends up being away for a full day.  She meets a reporter and he takes her around the city, starting as a bottom feeder (promising the story to his editor and a piece of the dough to his photographer friend) they end up falling in love.  (spoiler alert?) Bittersweet ending.

i have seen this before and i disliked it then, aaaaaand i still dislike it. i grrrrrred and pouted when moster put it on the queue, and i grrrred and pouted when it came to the house. i don't know why. i just find it stupid. they fall in love in less than a day. eye roll. she has a taste of life, wonderful life. then she, boo-hoo, goes back to her life of obligation not as a child, but as a woman. somebody please hand her a cross. slumming it is so attractive.

I don't know why Leila hates this movie so much.  I thought it was very nice and actually bittersweet.  The story is simple, but that doesn't matter.  The little things they do and the sights they see make for a bunch of fun scenes in a row.  While it's unlikely that they would have a nice long life together if they had even tried, I buy that they felt the love that they showed, and I really liked the looks in the last couple of scenes.

Hepburn here does a great job as little more than "herself," Gregory Peck just smolders, and Eddie Albert has fun as the photographer, getting what little  "zany" there is to be had.  The ass-sticks in the castle really come off as they should, and the little bit of local flavor also does a good job... especially since for many of them English isn't necessarily their first language.

The directing here was competent, if not mind-bending; but it doesn't have to be mind-bending.  There were some really cool shots in a couple of spots, with the best sequence being the party-on-a-barge which turns into an all-out brawl.  The rest of the production was also admirable, and again I appreciate how much of this was filmed in Italy with Italians.

I think this was a fine move and I do recommend it.  It would make a good date movie with 95% of the female population, I think.

I will fight for the 3 on this one.


  1. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Largely due to the fact that it's one of the rare films that actually ends on such a down note...

    'SW:ESB' and more recently '500 Days of Summer' being two others. 500DOS not being an amazing movie... just the most recent I have seen.

    I hate all the pandering to the audience, and the 'they have to come away with happy-good-time-feerings' mentality of Hollywood.

    Maybe it's just that it's unusual that attracts me (sad ending)? Who can say?

  2. That's what I liked about it, too. Who cares if they would make it or not in the long run? They made a connection but they both (she a little more, but not really) decided that the bigger picture was more important and just dealt with their sadness.

    I also tend to like movies which end badly for their characters.