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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prodigal Sons

Prodigal Sons (2008)

Director: Kimberly Reed

a documentary about a trans-gendered woman going back home to montana for her high school reunion. though it becomes more about her accepting her past as a male, and her relationship with her older brother who has not really accepted her, who also, due to a severe head trauma, turns out to be mentally ill.

The Woman
i always hesitate watching documentaries (though i am kind of obsessed with them) because i know they are always never happy-go-lucky. this was no exception. it was good, and i really enjoyed taking the journey into this woman's life and familial relationships, but it was in no way happy. dealing with the mentally ill is never an enjoyable process and this portrayed it perfectly. as the documentary progresses it becomes less and less about kim, and more about her adopted older brother marc who clings to the past, and his perceived glory days, while she wants to put the past behind her. if you're into documentaries this was a good one. i hope moster didn't put this on the queue. given the subject matter i'm not so sure... i apologize if i watched this out from underneath you mah poops.

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