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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Real Young Girl

A Real Young Girl (1976)

Director:Catharine Breillat
Writer: Catharine Breillat
Starring: Charlotte Alexandra

This girl comes home from school, having apparently discovered the orgasm.  She proceeds to try things out and fluster her parents as well as others.  There are a couple of guys she wants to screw her, but circumstances intervene.  There is explicit vagina and Alice has really nice boobies.

The Woman
this movie was entirely about what this chick would insert into her vagina. spoons, worms, a suntan lotion glass bottle. it became a game in our viewing. mom's slaughtering a stop....vagina! that's pretty much all this was good for. that, and the realization that french teenagers from the 70's were totally weird.

OK.  This kind of gets a "whatever" from me.  I've consumed more pornography than average by about ninety billion percent (and that's not hyperbole), but I've never seen a woman diddle herself with a spoon and then stir her soup with it, and I've never seen anything having to do with earthworms, in whole or in part.

I don't know anything about this writer/director; and I really don't have the inclination to look her up.  There was obviously some intent here, but again I think we're looking at student intent.  Strange cuts and close shots and weird music cues tried to evoke more than, "oh, is she rouging her pussy?"  But they failed.

Alice is dissatisfied, full of ennui, listless.  She does some dirty things to get reactions either from herself or from others.  Rinse, repeat.  She's still unhappy at the end.  Being a teenage girl (in France in the 70s or anywhere at any time) is not fun.  This movie was fun to watch, but it was not good.

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