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Monday, August 2, 2010

Battle in Heaven

Battle in Heaven (2005)
Written by Carlos Reygadas
Directed by Carlos Reygadas
Starring Marcos Hernández, Anapola Mushkadiz, Bertha Ruiz

Synopsis (such as it is)
Marcos, a Chauffer for a general's daughter, and his wife kidnap a baby and the baby dies.  The daughter works at least part time in a brothel, and Marcos is secretly (or, not so) in love with her.  Catholic guilt takes over, but to say much more about it would give things away.


i think that there are sometimes foreign movies that are made that should not be subtitled and sent out for the world to view. not because they are terrible, but because they are too culturally based and don't really make any sense to anyone from a different place. this was totally one of those movies. i din't understand any of it. maybe if i were a devout catholic it would have made a little bit more sense, but then i would probably be greatly offended by the extremely sexually explicit scenes. there wasn't a lot of dialog in this either. lots of  long silent panning shots, and an unemotional quiet mexican. no action taken in this movie was explained. there was no explanation why this guy and his hefty wife kidnapped their friends baby, or why the dude killed that chick or why he died. i know plot points like that sound exciting, but with no explanation... it was like wandering around someone else's dream. if i didn't read the description on the netflix sleeve i would have been even more lost, which is hard to grasp.

don't watch this unless you are mexican. if you are, then please tell me what the heck this movie was about. beside this dude's catholic immortal soul.

It's difficult to critique the plot of this, because I didn't really get the Catholic / Mexican undertones of the movie so I didn't understand the motivations of any of the primary characters.  I think I did get the very end, though.

Acting varied widely.  I think that Hernandez did a great job as Marcos, and I think that Mushkadiz was passable as the daughter.  But most of the rest of the cast was pretty weak to me.

The film was shot quite deliberately and with great care, though it wasn't always successful.  Slow, lingering shots on blowjobs can linger too long but I do give some points for effort.  I don't know if I can say quite the same thing for the camera work itself as I don't think the sloppiness was always intentional.  The sex was certainly real, though.

This one definitely doesn't get a recommendation to me.  Its components did not overcome the twin barriers of culture and language.

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