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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happiness Runs

Happiness Runs (2010)
Director: Adam Sherman
Writer: Adam Sherman
Starring: Hannah Hall, Mark L. Young
the children of a hippie commune are all grown up and totally messed up from lack of parenting. they're all drug addicts, nymphos, and/or cutters

The Woman
i didn't get it. if it was supposed to be shocking, it wasn't. all of these children, save one, were messed up asses. there was no character backstory, no growth. the parents were never explained. why is andy macdowell in bed all the time? was she sick? i don't know. nor was it explained. the main character, victor, whined throughout the whole movie about how he was going to leave, and it took him until the end of the movie to do it, even though he had no worthwhile  relationship. the only person he cared about was this chick who was sleeping with every other guy in the commune. eh. bad. at least most of them died before the movie was over.

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