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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Trip (2010)

The Trip (2010)
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Starring Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon

a mocumentary of rob brydon and steve coogan on a road trip together where they discus things over food.

I'm not entirely sure how to write about this one.  It's billed as a "mocumentary," and I guess it is; but it's not mocumenting the food.  It's much more of that Gervais-style awkwardness improv between two good friends as they travel through rural England and eat at nice restaurants.  There's really not much to critique here.  The material was funniest when it was (or appeared to be) at its least rehearsed.  There was plenty of joy in watching them both do impressions, but Brydon is really quite good.

Some hay was made of the apparent differences between Brydon's and Coogan's (characters') lives, with the former perfectly happy to be somewhere in the middle class and have a nice home and a nice family while the latter wants to keep reaching for stars which he's unlikely to grab.  This part was fine, but not funny; and the point of a movie like this is to be funny.

If you're as anglophiliac as we are then you'll find some entertainment here; but you won't need to wear a back brace afterwards.

The Woman
i fell asleep during this...a couple times. it's the annual toastyness under the blanket syndrome. it occurs every year in the late fall. it has nothing to do with what i'm watching. i actually really wanted to watch this. unfortunately this was a little slow and the toastyness just won. i enjoyed what i saw though. i think it's interesting that the alan partridge character shares a lot in common with most steve coogan portrayals. i also feel that rob brydon, in all the panel shows that moster watches, seems to be a little curmudgeonly compared to the lightheartedness of the other comedians, but is the big silly side of the spectrum in this, making steve coogan seem even more of a stick in the mud. that's about all i can say about this one.

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