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Friday, November 11, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Writer: people
Director: Edward Zwick
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

a gross pharmaceutical rep on his way to the big time falls in love with his fuck buddy who just happens to have parkinsons to create some lame drama.

The Woman
i can't believe i actually watched this whole thing! i should wear it as a badge of honor. a tattoo on my forehead. :i sat through ALL of "love and other drugs". maybe i should seek treatment. maybe it's a self loathing thing, like cutting. about twenty minutes in, i just wanted anne hathaway to die. i wanted to see that parkinsons just run it's course and have some sort of satisfaction. i wanted to see jake gyllenhaal cry and be sad and then, unrealistically vow his allegiance to his love by throwing himself off a building. i don't think he loved her that much though.

neither of their characters had any worth whatsoever. the introduction to james, or whatever his character was called, was superfluous and boring. i don't need to know his family life through 1 dinner conversation that is quickly over and forgotten, never to come up again. i don't care that he was a good electronics salesman with a brain bashing spin doctors montage. (it was in these first minutes that i experienced the urge to get up and just turn it off. then go purge the spin doctors from my digestion tract. why? why did i continue?) after yet another montage we get to meet poor anne hathaway, she has a terrible disease. i know from the two or three scenes in which her symptoms are shown. so smarmy, serial lady doer guy with low self-esteem starts doing angry sick girl who pushes anyone away from her because she has a debilitating disease at such a tender age.  and they have lots of boring issues and they try to be funny by having a fat, rich, younger brother thrown into some circumstances. they are both unredeemable and unlovable. there is the classic romantic comedy break up argument and then the classic guy speech about how much he loves his lady friend after time spent apart. however, this particular speech was the most unmoving " i love you and want you back" speech i've ever heard! if i wasn't so irritated with having watched this thing in it's entirety i would have laughed it was so pathetic. i'm sorry. i love you. i know you're sick and i'll help you out when you can't help yourself even though you don't ask because i love you. time spent together montage. the end.

if you ever wanted to see anne hathaway whip out her tits 900 times then this is the movie for you, but as i was not interested in her nipples this was a train wreck of a boring bad movie. also, apparently, this was based on a non-fiction book. so then, i guess, movie makers couldn't decide what kind of a movie to make. drama? romantic comedy? political statement? all three did not work. or indecision prevailed and created that mess.

p.s. did i mention the flimsy attempt at criticizing the health care system in this land of the USA? no? well it doesn't really matter...hey look! anne hathaway's nips are out again!

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