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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Go With It (2011)

Writer: Allan Loeb, Timothy Dowling, and 4 more people who wrote it for playhood and frenchness
Director: Dennis Dugan
Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston

a guy pretends to be married to pick up chicks, but inevitably meets a girl 9 trillion years his junior who he thinks is his soulmate, but she is the one who is disgusted with herself for sleeping with a married man, so he makes his attractive, divorced with two kids, assistant pretend to be his newly exed wife. then the kids get involved then they all end up in hawaii together and THEN, in a shocking twist, it turns out that adam sandler loved jennifer aniston all along and vice versa!

The Woman
yeah. i had pretty much given up on adam sandler after the giant unfunny turd that was "grown ups" and yet i watched this unimaginative, predictable, unfunny piece of cinema. i wouldn't call it a turd since it wasn't as bad as "grown ups" but it was exactly on the same level as "couples retreat". adam sandler could have been vince vaughn and i wouldn't have noticed. so, i guess, there you go. if you find immense humour in movies like "couples retreat" then you will think this movie is gold.

this thing did not sway my negative feelings toward adam sandler movies either. i have enjoyed him in the distant past. i think it's a shame about the direction his career has gone.  i should have given up around the "mr.deeds" era, but i held out hope...actually, i take that back. he did a really good job in that one with don cheadle...where his family died in 9-11. that one showed some range.  but the comedies have been the same crummy jokes for the last 10 years. i want to say that i know he still has some funny left in him, but i'm seriously doubting that's true. it's an abusive relationship. he beats the crap out of me, but i go back for more. sigh. i think this time i'm really done though. the release of "jack and jill" was the nail in the coffin. my faith hast been destroyed.

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