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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Writer: Michael Patrick King
Director: Michael Patrick King
Starring: you know

those zany new york city women are back for another installment of how can we fuck up what was a good show

The Woman
i don't get it. i knew this was going to be bad. i had been forewarned. i just don't get how a show that was good could go so sour on a movie budget. it was a half hour show. why feel the need to have not only one movie, but two movies that are 2 1/2 hours long! the short format worked much better prooved by the first trainwreck of a movie, but then, because it made more than $1.50 at the box office we have to drag those characters back out and run them over with a train that's exploding one more time. i hope there's not another one in the works. i hope the ladies egos are too great and their feuds are to deep for them to get together yet again.

the shows end was good. it should have been left right where it is. once you have a happy ending where all the characters are happy and life is good you can't comeback for a mind blowing story. there's no drama. their stories are done. their troubles and strife of being single in the city are over. let the dead lay. jeebus. this was like some one had a bunch of money and just blew their wad all over pointless, meaningless scenes (i.e. the "gay wedding" w/ liza minelli) i think the outrageous excess of abu dhabi is in direct correlation of the movie. excess for the sake of excess.

this movie should have been four 1/2 hour vignettes by four different writers and directors. then maybe the triteness wouldn't have come off so trite because there would be competition between creativity.

p.s. the strife of the stay at home mother subplot when said stay at home mothers have full time nannies.....FUCK YOU! i watched this pile of garbage with my 2 year old at my side because the hour i get to myself had been interrupted when he fell out of bed after only a 1/2 hour and with all the interruptions of a 2 year old having to tinkle, and needing some stories, and stealing my lunch after i fed him his, and reading to him for an hour to try to get him back to sleep, and yelling at him for harassing the dog, and yelling at him for punching me, and him yelling at me because he wants to go out and play in the rain, and took me 4 hours to complete this movie. thanks to michael patrick king for making it soooo worthwhile. i did finish it though and that is entirely my fault.

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  1. and after all that i had never even put it on our queue! dammit! all for naught!