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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hard Gun

Hard Gun (1996)
Written by Nueng Nuengnued
Directed by Prapon Petchinn, Panna Rittikrai
Starring Jai Janmulltree, Panna Rittikrai and Thunyaluk Rarchatha

Cop kills a bad guy whose friends seek revenge against cop's family.  Apparently something similar happened to cop's cop father with a hostage situation where cop's mother (cop's cop father's wife) was the hostage.  I should get a gold star for figuring that much out.

This was just bad.  The story was actually cohesive, but it was convoluted for the sake of adding runtime. It's almost like they decided to make a mid-level martial arts film but not even the executive producers knew how much money that would take so they tacked on a bunch of go-nowhere subplots which ALSO SHOULD HAVE HAD FIGHT SCENES.

I don't know if it was supposed to be an exhibition for the Mui Thai (or whatever); or if it was supposed to be a humorous take on the genre.  One scene in particular has to be just too far over anybody's top to not come with a box of salt.  They re-dubbed the dialog for some reason, and it might have been to put wackier voices on people; because they dubbed Thai over Thai.  And they did it poorly enough that I could tell.  They also issued this on Blu-Ray when VHS-C in EP mode would have sufficed.

Good job, Netflix, for getting the runtime wrong.  it wasn't 92 minutes; it was 82 minutes.  I watched all 82 for about 12 minutes of martial arts.  I watched about 12 minutes of martial arts for about 30 seconds of interesting martial arts.  I've seen some excellent Thai movies, but more people are likely to consume dreck like this than interesting material.  This doesn't cast Asian actors in a bad light. It casts Asian filmmakers in a bad light.  It's almost like the people who made The Slanted Screen did so with these people in mind. 

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