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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beneath the Dark

Beneath the Dark (2010)

Writer: Chad Feehan
Director: Chad Feehan
Starring: Josh Stewart, Meadow Soprano

couple messing around in a traveling car decide they need to pull over at the motel because she is horny and he is tired. strange things begin to happen!

The Woman
predictable "horror" movie. blah. i like how rape was just as bad as murder suicide. i mean, i know rape is bad mmkay, but compared to killing someone physically instead of emotionally i think may be a little worse. i don't know, i kind of got some weird religious undertones from this pile of junk too. also the plot when thinking back on this huge bombshell reveal of yeah-i-guessed-that-10-minutes-in, the things that happen in the plot to make it a movie don't really make a whole lot of sense. yet again, my advice is to skip this one.

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