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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mystery Team

Mystery Team (2009)
Written by Donald Glover, Who, The Fuck, Will Remember, These People, Anyway
Directed by Will Remember
Starring Donald Glover, Who, The Fuck

These three super-dorky high school kids go from harassing the same lunch-money-stealing bully to (spoiler alert) solving a murder.  There are jinks.

The Woman
mildly funny in an incredibly stupid way. moster snorted and giggled more than once. that should tell you something. however, let me just stress just how incredibly stupid this was. the humor was really juvenile and the plot was really uninventive. a horse with a carrot dangled in front of his face, if you will. this is not a must see by any means, but we've watched it so it's checked off of our queue.

Maybe my shit at the top isn't quite fair, but that's OK.  I chose this movie over another (similar, by its cover) comedy on the instant queue because I thought it would be funnier than that other title.  I said, "If nothing else it'll be worth an hour and a half to watch Donald Glover do slapstick." Unfortunately there's little slapstick in his performance and I'm quite disappointed to say that all of the mugging he does on Community is identical to the mugging he performs in this movie.  However, on Community he displays a much wider range of acting.  This only proves that, yes, writers and directors are important to a production.

Writing. Yes. The synopsis is short because if you can't figure out the outline from that sentence you can't figure out what the fuck a sentence is.  There is comedy. Some of that comedy is of the short-form variety; and some of that comedy actually takes a while to pay off after it's set up.  One particular running gag had a lot of potential, but its execution tapped that potential on the range of 5% to 45%.  I chuckled occasionally.  I don't remember it getting any more enthusiastic than that.

But, you could do worse.  This could be that fucking Rainn Wilson movie about the naked drummer, or that knockoff of a halfway-decent Mel Brooks TV show, or any number of other things which I've lost interest in looking up.

Never mind; the shit at the top is fair.  You will not gain anything by watching this movie.

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