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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Catch-22 (1970)

Writer: Joseph Heller (novel) Buck Henry (screenplay)
Director: Mike Nichols
Starring: Alan Arkin, Arthur Garfunkel, Jon Voight, Martin Sheen, Anthony Perkins, Bob Balaban, Orson Welles, and some other people like bob newhart

a WWII pilot is trying to get out of the insanity by means of a diagnoses of insanity when his colonel keeps upping the amount of missions the company must complete [before discharge(?)]

This movie was full of awesomeness:  Great performances, great scenes, great production.  But Leila's right.  They had over two hours to get their point across and I don't think they did a particularly good job.  This is totally different from The Mysteries of Pittsburgh in its complexity but the book was great at continually conveying the frustration and sadness of the characters where the movie--necessarily or not--couldn't always scratch past the surface.

All those great elements did not gel around a sufficient through-line, and as such this movie works much better as a series of shorts than a feature film.

The Woman
this whole movie consisted of discussions as seen on abbott and costello's "who's on first?". it began to get tiring by the hour mark. i felt i was only desperately grasping at what was going on in the plot. this was so crazy that when it was over i was relieved. those fairly negative things said this was a good movie. it was nice to see good direction, acting, and story all come together in one movie for once. this was a glittering diamond in the manure we've been watching.

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