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Friday, April 8, 2011


Kalamity (2010)

Writer: James M. Hausler
Director: James M. Hausler 
Starring: Jonathan Jackson aka lucky spencer from general hospital, Nick Stahl

a guy comes home after breaking up with his girlfriend of five years to find his best friend acting extremely erratic, angry, and violent.

The Woman
this was pretty forgettable. it was directed well, but the story was shme. i didn't really care what was going on. i could see unfortunate things happening, but couldn't connect to give a damn. there were all these things going on under the surface with themes about moving forward in your life, but the story was so average that it got in the way. i sort of just brushed this one off. seeing nick stahl in stuff is like salt in the wound that is carnival. so upsetting to me, the fate of that show. and now the snake lady, adrienne barbeau, is on general hospital like our young co-star mr. jackson.....interesting. anyway. like i said in the first sentence, forgettable.

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