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Friday, February 4, 2011


Zardoz (1974)

Writer: John Boorman
Director: John Boorman
Starring: a red loin clothed, side burned, moustached, bad ass known as sean connery, boobies the way only a movie from 1974 can do them

an enforcer barbarian sneaks into the floating idol head of his fake god zardoz. he ends up in a "utopia" where the people live forever and yet there is no reason to live. he shakes things up with his super cool stache and loincloth and his acceptance of necessary violence.

Yeah, alright.  When you hear a title like Zardoz you think you're going to get a floating head and Sean Connery in a loincloth.  But you don't think you're going to actually be thinking about the plot afterwards.  This is another film where suspension of disbelief is critical to enjoyment, but it's set in a future which is largely devoid of real science and that makes it much easier to swallow. 

To an extent, this is a typical Eloi/Morlock story, but the film does a great job of showing how each race has its fair share of the supposedly-inherent traits of the other. There are complacents and malcontents on both sides, and the infusion of Connery's character--does he even have a name?--into the utopian society is just what's needed to get things churning.  Thinking through that churn elevates the giggling to heights of real accomplishment.

If this movie were made in any other era it might have been more focused on the cerebral stuff, and that would be a shame.  Now fucking Billy Joel is in my head.  Fuck you, Jevon.

The Woman
i put this on the queue because frank decaro posted a still of sean connery from this movie and it immediately spoke to me. much like the faux god, zardoz. i must say it started as a joke, and it is awesome, but it actually has a solid quality concept in there. if you haven't seen it i would recommend. you will laugh too. just seeing the red loin cloth with the pirate thigh boot ensemble and the matching red bandoleers....priceless. but like i said there is also that hefty and significant substance underneath. there is a valid message in this and yet it is still highly entertaining because of it's dated appearance.


  1. his name was zed, which was highly appropriate and most likely thought through.

  2. Thank you for Zardoz! I wouldn't have chosen this on my own but it was awesome. I was sad that he lost his boots after entering utopia, though; they made his "outfit". (As a side, could his ensemble have been the inspiration for leeloo's "thermal bandages" in The Fifth Element? )
    This actually showed up in my Netflix as " recommended" based on my viewings.

  3. Thank you for your confidence. I'm glad it worked out.

    As for the costume, I don't think so. Gaultier designed the costumes for "Fifth Element," and it would be an odd middleman in Zardoz.