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Monday, February 28, 2011


Daybreakers (20090

Writer: the Spierig Brothers!
Director: the Spierig Brothers!
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, some chick(Claudia Karvan), and Sam Neil

in a world where vampires rule (2019), there are so few humans left the vampires are starving and turning into the vampires from blade II except instead of super vampires, they're more like rabid vampires. mopey vampire hematologist, ethan hawke, is trying to find a cure for vampirism or a blood substitute to quench the crazy nosferatu looking guys. he works for the corporate asshole, sam neil vampire, who is just interested in making money! mopey ethan hawke runs into a bunch of humans one night, and eventually finds his cure through awesome generally-but-not-in-this-movie, willem dafoe. can ethan hawke become awesome and save all vampires by making them human again!?! maybe.

The Woman
um. i was entertained in the beginning. it held my interest. then the movie part happened and that kind of went towards the shme poop side of things. if you don't have to, i wouldn't watch this. it was better than "surrogates", but not by much. willem dafoe had a lot to do with that too simply because he is awesome. ethan hawke should stick to lisa loebe videos. there was the special guest star trans am as a plus. t-top and everything. maybe you should watch it for that.

1 comment:

  1. I thought the story line was pretty good. Definitely different for a vampire movie. I wait usually to catch movies after they make it to PPV just because the theaters are so expensive. That's one of the benefits of working for Dish Network, I have access to both Video on Demand and PPV movies. I'm glad I ordered it in HD it made the really intense scenes with all the gore just that much better.