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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Barry Munday

Barry Munday (2010)

Writer: Chris D'Arienzo, Frank Turner Hollon
Director: Chris D'Arienzo
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer

a womanizer gets what's coming to him (?) and both his testicles are removed because of a trumpet wielding father. he then finds out a woman he doesn't remember sleeping with is supposedly pregnant with his child. focus in his life shifts.

The Woman
i wanted to like this while i was watching it. i will even go as far as ignoring some of my issue with it and say: yes. i enjoyed it. i don't know why. i couldn't tell you why. perhaps because i can relate to it's tale of the pregnancy and birth and baby stage of  life? i don't know. i like judy greer. i like patrick wilson. i like chloe sevigny. i like malcolm  macdowell. i like charlene from designing women. i like KG who has a funny line about his penis. i like billy dee williams. i don't like cybil shepard. it even had a happy ending which usually makes me gag, but this didn't. i even found myself......smiling. eww. gross. i don't know. i'm not feeling particularly articulate today. he was a slimy gross guy too. but then he wasn't. he had all his reason for living taken away and replaced by a stand offish ugly duckling and a baby. this is the kind of romance movie i like, i guess. hmmm.

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