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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon (2009)

Writer: Michael Haneke
Director: Michael Haneke
Starring: Christian Friedel, and a bunch of other german actors.

this is about a german town in 1913ish. it's mostly about the families of the baron, a doctor, the midwife, one of the baron's farmers, the pastor, and the schoolteacher. there is a lot of focus on the 900 children who are really creepy too.

The Woman
i gave this movie two stars only because my sum total experience was "didn't like it" this is mostly because i do not know german turn of the century history because being an american in the american historical education system foreign history is deemed unimportant. especially a more contemporary history. WWII pretty much encases and over shadows anything else in european history. anyway, back to the movie. this movie was very intelligent. it was filmed beautifully. the plot was linear an made sense (which has been hard to come by in recent movies). there was just all this stuff i could tell i was missing because i'm not german. the children were consistently put down and abused, but they kept rebelling and doing terrible things. i guess this is where fascism started it's rise, so says the description on netflix, but i didn't get 80% of it. i still don't.  hence i missed the point of the movie. it was like i could actually see the stuff sailing over my head. i could run my fingers through it, but couldn't grab it. it did make me want to read about it, which is a good thing. i just wish i knew things while i was watching it.

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