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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Knowing (2009)

Warning this whole review is a spoiler. if you want to see this movie i pity you.

Writer: Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
Director: Alex Proyas
Starring: NICHOLAS CAGE!, Rose Byrne, and a couple of kids

a little girl puts a paper with a bunch of numbers in a time capsule in 1959. NICHOLAS CAGE's kid gets it 50 years later. it is a bunch of dates when tragedies happened, the number of people killed and the "gps coordinates" where this terrible event occurred.

The Woman
ok. let's get over the whole fact of why this little girl wrote down all these other terrible events when all anyone is really concerned with is the last one. and how there must have been tons more things that slipped through her little future seeing numerology, and how it's just a plot device to get MIT astrophysicist professor NICHOLAS CAGE to pay attention and believe in god. i sat through this in two sessions, and so coming back hours later i was not invested in the emotions of the characters at all for the second action packed half of this movie. from the beginning i was sitting there thinking to myself don't let it be aliens, don't let it be aliens, don't let it be aliens, aaaaarrrrrgh. it's aliens. there is a good concept to this movie. remove the aliens and the psychic predictor kid, and this is a totally scientific, plausible apocalyptic movie. you know what. i'll even give you the psychic kid back. not for the plausibility factor, but for the mysterious engaging factor. just take away the aliens and the noah's arc thing make everyone die and it would have been waaay better. then it would just be a rip off of cassandra's syndrome. 12 monkeys.

sorry adrienne, if you read this. i was with it until the second half.

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