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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days and Clouds

Days and Clouds (2008)

Writer: Silvio Soldini
Director: Silvio Soldini, Doriana Leondeff, Francisco Piccolo, Frederica Pontremoli
Starring: Margherita Buy, Antonio Albanese

So, this woman's thesis (I'm not sure if it's a masters or a PhD) is accepted and she's really happy.  Then there's a really big party where most people have a blast.  Then she learns that her jagoff of a husband was forced out of his own company two months ago and they have no money.  She gives up the dream for which she labored for at least ten years and tries to contribute to help out.  He does as little as possible.  She gets a second job and he becomes a handyman.  He gives up being a handyman and she finally fucks the boss at her second job.  They have a big fight and then they reconcile.  This is exactly like real life...if you're upper-middle class and live in a beautiful Itallian hillside city.

The Woman
hated it! i guess i have a hard time with italian movies. if i wanted real life, i wouldn't distract from my own by watching movies. the male lead in this was the biggest piece of poo. he was too proud to stop spending money or get a job, but not too proud to live off of his wife who was working two jobs to support his unemployed ass, and who gave up the most important thing in her life to get the second job to support his machismo. ass. every time he did anything moster would exhale a sigh of total frustration. i told him i hoped he would just kill himself, because he was so pathetic, but unfortunately that never happened. gross. grrrr. and it was too cold to crochet so if i didn't eat that bowl of chili for lunch it would have been a total waste of two hours.

This was not good, but it wasn't poor.  There were some beautiful shots which were aided by--but did not rely solely upon--the beautiful scenery.  The acting was quite good, down to the minor characters.

I know this is probably the point, but the story was just too exactly real.  We really didn't want them to stay together because the husband was just such a fucking tool.  True love conquered, but what did it conquer?

It didn't constipate me.

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