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Monday, December 27, 2010

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (2010)
Directed by Ricki Stern, Anne Sunberg

a documentary crew follows joan rivers for a year. it follows her struggling for work and tells the story of her past.

This was a great documentary.  It either did a really good job of pretending to show us everything; or it actually was a no-holds-barred approach.  There were plenty of difficult moments from which the camera did not shy away.

The year covered in the film started pretty badly for Joan; but it then included both her Apprentice win and the picking up of (what we presume to be) her show on E!.  We really saw the roller coaster and how much she pushes forward and always looking for work; and we saw some pretty frustrating things for Joan both personally and professionally.

Behind the scenes stuff was good if not always great.  There was a little too much shakicam and zoom-in-for-the-big line, but so what?  The cameras were where they had to be when they had to be there.  The filmmakers used just the right amount of stock footage to get their point across while making me want to seek some older Rivers stand up.

Put all these elements together and you get a fascinating look at someone who's a comedy icon regardless of gender.

The Woman
yet another good documentary. i love me some joan rivers though. it was an interesting look inside her life. lots of funniness and some very emotional interviews too. which is something i've never seen before from her. she is one hot tamale though. sharp as a whip. i appreciated it's honesty as well. i couldn't imagine working as hard as she does, doing all she does in a day and i'm more than half her age. i do think she gets away with alot of the stuff she says because of her age. meaning, even though she hasn't changed since she started the general public is more accepting of an older woman being "vulgar" and brutally honest. it ends with her opening for rickles, and all i could think was jesus, what a show that must be!

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