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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blood Done Sign My Name

Blood Done Sign My Name (2010)

Writer: Jeb Stuart, Tim Tyson (book)
Director: Jeb Stuart
Starring: Little Ricky Schroeder, Nate Parker, Afemo Omilani, and lots of minor characters from "one tree hill"

racial tension escalates after a vietnam war vet is killed by some racists shortly after he arrives home. true storaah.

The Woman
tv movie. afterschool special. this is a good example of a preview duping me. i thought this was going to be more dramatic and powerful. i don't want to diminish the importance of this event, but the film was just not up to par. there were too many characters doing separate things i got confused on what the focus of the movie was. this could have been two different movies and it would have been better. one on the white preacher preaching tolerance and equality to his congregation, and the other about ben chavis leading. i gave it 2 stars out of 5. in netflix terms that means "i didn't like it"

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