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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Fame (2009)

Writer: Allison Burnett (screenplay) Christopher Gore (original fame guy)
Director: Kevin Tancharoen
Starring: a whole bunch of kids you'll probably never see again except in guest spots on "law & order" and "CSI" and that chick that was on "so you think you can dance" that one season a couple of years ago... twitch's partner i think

this beautiful piece of cinema follows the students of new york's performing arts highschool from their audition day through all four years of their matriculation. beautiful.

The Woman
this was like watching over four years of a soap opera edited down to and hour and a half. you barely know who the characters are, you don't give a crap about any of them, and you only have a vague picture of the stories of each character. the original "fame" was so much better in portraying character development. even though the same things happened in this one it was piss poor. i didn't even pay attention to the big show scenes. you know why. i didn't give a poop. i used to love watching terrible movies like this a.k.a center stage, the prince and me, crap like that. stuff obviously made for teenage girls, and i had that same sick glee about watching this, but it wasn't even cheesy enough for me to laugh at. it was just bad. and they dropped the whole part about the ghetto kid knocking up the rich bitch ballerina. that was the best part of the original. am i right?

it also took me half of the movie to figure out when they would say "P.A" they weren't talking about pennsylvania.

i shall continue thinking of b.d. wong's part in "the karate kid part 2" when i think of fame. yes indeed that puts a smile on my face. "kamiko-chan come to the dance tonightah. aaah, bling youl fliendah" yes indeed.

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