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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Killshot (2008)

Writer:  Hossein Ameini, Elmore Leonard (book)
Director: John Madden
Starring: Micky Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Thomas Jane, Diane Lane

Hitman sees some of his idiot brother in small time crook.  They botch a robbery and try to kill all the witnesses. Two of the witnesses are an aspiring carpenter and his soon-to-be-ex fife.

The Woman
this was absolutely bleh. it went on forever and nothing happened, and i didn't care about anybody. they all should have been killed in the end, but unfortunately they weren't. don't watch this movie.

It's really interesting to me how Elmore Leonard books are adapted in so wide a range of manners.  To think that Get Shorty, Jackie Brown, LA Confidential, and Out of Sight all came from the same style of writing is actually pretty neat.  And one of these days I'll sit down with one of those books in an attempt to deepen my opinion.

But this one was just crappy, and given the thickness of the other movies cited I have little choice but to blame the filmmakers.  I actually thought Rourke did a pretty good job; and I could hear a bit of Aboriginal North American Flophead in his dialect.  Diane Lane is Diane Lane, and she probably had some sort of final payment on something coming up.  But nothing else was really worth it.  Mr. G-L has come a long way since Third Rock and he fucking made Brick.  But here he was waaaaay too over the top and his character was utterly unredeemable.

Leila's right that this thing went on forever, and that's almost an accomplishment given its less than 90 minute runtime.  But there was no point to this.  There were no hooks, no teeth, no interest.

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