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Friday, May 28, 2010


Taxidermia (2006)

Director: Gyorgy  Palfi
Writer: Lajos Parti Nagy (short stories)
           Gyorgy  Palfi
Starring: Csaba Czene, Gergely Trocsanyi, Marc Bischoff,

three different vignettes about three different generations of men. one a sex obsessed "orderly" on a farm in the countryside in the fourties-ish. one a competitive sport eater in the sixties- ish, and lastly a taxidermist, present.  hungarian.

The Woman (only)
i thought this was going to be vastly different from what it was. so different, infact, i was confused throughout the entirety of the movie. i totally didn't get it. there was a lot of penis in the first fifteen minutes. i'm just sayin'. very graphic, and very strange. it sort of reminded me of the confusion "eraserhead" left me with. it was artfully done, but i still don't get it. excess of penis, and necrophilia beastiality in the first one, fat overeating, and loads of graphic vomiting, in the second one, and the last one has innards and fetal taxidermy and amputation and decapitation? i don't know. it was advertised as a black comedy, but i didn't see anything funny at all. maybe because i'm not hungarian? is it a cultural clash thing? that's the sort of vibe i got. the last, very last part was interesting. a comment on the warped sense of the movie displayed as an art collection. i'm all for the graphic, and twisted, but i have to know what's going on at the time too. 

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