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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid (2007)

Director: Jennifer Vendetti

Synopsis: documentary that follows a 15-16 year old outcast through highschool and awkwardness, and girls, and rock and roll and trailer life in maine.

The Woman only

this was another shmeh. it was ok. billy was one of those kids who you want to take home, and teach things to. his home life is very messed up, i.e. mother was smacked around by dad, and he talks about it almost incessantly. he is also somehow mentally challenged. he was incredibly awkward, and yet totally awesome in his awkwardness. he likes cats, and kiss, and he ends up mildly obsessed with this girl, who he dates for about a millisecond before she breaks up with him.(which totally devastates him). it made me sad for the days when my kid will have to go through early teens, and the constant reassurance one needs from people to be yourself at that age. the school parts were almost exactly how my middle school worked, socially. i sort of had flashbacks throughout. admittedly i was knitting through this documentary, and i sort of didn't realize the end had happened. nothing was resolved. it just sort of ended. i hate when that happens. at least follow the kid for a year, or stop when something comes together. i know this is not how documentaries work, but there was no endpoint. there was a weird epilogue of sorts, where the mother just said that her and the stepdad were getting a divorce, and billy sang in the chorus for a concert, but that was it. i guess if you have nothing better to do with an hour and a half you could watch this. it certainly wasn't bad.

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