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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Herb and Dorothy

Herb and Dorothy (2008)

Director: Megumi Sasaki

Synopsis: documentary about avid middle income art collecting couple. collecting since the early sixties.

The Woman (only)
great documentary! it was nice to be around art and the art world again, in an unjaded way. the vogels are totally awesome. and they were there before the art world became "the art world" so even if art dealers don't like them, the artists do. they almost restored my love of cute little old couples. it was fascinating to see them interact with artists in the artist's studio space, looking at unfinished works, and the influence they have on the artist themselves. one scene in particular reminded me of art school critiques, just the discussion over the development of a piece.  there was no bullshit blahbitty blah, even though most of the art they collect is conceptual. i also think the idea of collecting from a plebeian stand point is important. they aren't rich. they live in a one bedroom apartment in brooklyn, i believe. they aren't exactly on the outskirts of the elite clique that is the "art world" but the way the documentary portrays them they are sort of oblivious or indifferent. they befriend artists and maintain relationships with them i.e. calling once a week just to chat. they don't collect for resale value, yet respect people who do, because "the artist has to make a living somehow". awesome people knowing their stuff and infiltrating the art scene because they love it.

the credit sequence was hysterical too.

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