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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants2

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008)

Director: Sanaa Hamri
Writer: Elizabeth Chandler (screenplay)
           Ann Brashares (novel)
Starring: the chick from "gossip girl", the chick from "ugly betty", the chick who used to play emily quartermane on "general hospital" then got her own show on cbs i think it is/was called "joan of arcadia", and the chick from "gilmore girls"

the girls are back for their wacky adventures in teen drama, and mailing pants back and forth to one another. this time the pants are even uglier, and the girls have moved on to their own respective collegiate years. relationship drama and greece remains the same.

The Woman (only, unfortunately)
ok. imagine, if you will, the "sex and the city" movie as barbie. now imagine this as skipper. barbie has all the cool clothes, jobs, men, friends, and body. skipper is essentially the same plastic toy, but without ANY of the coolness, and small substance that makes barbie, barbie. two hours of whiny boy troubles, a pregnancy scare, jealousy over an acting part?, and an archeology chance of a lifetime squandered to reconnect with a long lost grandmother.  poor sad ivy league girls so self involved that they blow tiny little things way out of proportion to make themselves feel alive. man, i know if i attended brown, or yale, or risdi, or nyu, you bet during my education there i would totally obsess over my discovery as a talented actress (which we'll get to in a second), or the fact that i'm too dumb to go on the pill and let my boyfriend use a 2 year old condom the first time we had sex, or my ex foreign boyfriend entering into a marriage because he knocked another girl up, or my for some reason exiled grandmother. whatever. aren't people who get into these institutions supposed to be totally focused on their academic and post graduate years? also who likes a movie where all the girls are so friggin' perfect at everything they do? that's not a plot. and the thin, forced drama is totally a joke.

the whole discovery as a talented actress thing.....if whatever her name is gets so distracted by her fight with a friend that she performs like garbage, wouldn't that mean a lack of acting talent? she's only good at acting like she's in love with her co- star when she IS in love with him? ummmm...kay. then we have to suffer through lines like this: 
bridget: Mom!
grandma:Honey.Bee. What, honey? What is it? What is it?
bridget: I remember it now. There was a storm, just like this one,and she left me.
Even then she didn't care about me.

this is about this chick's mother leaving her with her grandmother when she's 6 for the summer. she was traumatized enough by this to completely block all the memories of it. aren't you traumatized for reading it? it was by far my favorite part of the movie, and yet i had to look up the exact quote....... also there was some bullshit about the risdi girl never having done nude life drawings before her second summer of college and she was all nervous-like dropping her supplies and fidgeting, and talking non-stop. as an art school graduate i will tell you this is completely ridiculous. my school was not as prestigious  as risdi and yet i think i did my first life drawing in the first week of my freshman year. if anyone acted the way she did in my class, they would have been shunned by the "serious" artists and giggled about by the rest of us for a long time afterward.

final thoughts about this movie ......................totally awesome. it's a shame the pants committed suicide at the end of the movie so they can't make another one. they should have gone out in a fiery explosion though. that would have given the deformed survivors something to dramatize about.

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