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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Grace (2009)

Director: Paul Solet
Writer: Paul Solet
Starring: Jordan Ladd, Samantha Ferris, Gabrielle Rose

a crunchy granola, vegan, pregnant woman with the most horrible mother in- law i've ever seen ( and i know of some doozies) is in an accident where her husband and unborn baby both die. she chooses to wait until labor begins naturally, which apparently is a couple weeks, to give birth to her stillborn, which turns out is not stillborn.......ZOMBIE VAMPIRE FETUS.

The Woman (only)
i think i put this on the queue shortly after giving birth myself. it was ok. it was no dark castle, same horror movie spit out over and over again, which, as martha stewart says, is a good thing. i appreciated the subtlety of the horror. like the fact the kid was decomposing and smelly, and very attractive to the fly population, but it was never really stated outright. i thought perhaps the baby had never come back to "life" and she was just taking care of a dead baby. there was a lot of attempt at shock value, but i've totally been destroyed in that department, becoming immune to that sort of tactic. instead of breast feeding, the baby gnaws off a nipple and just starts drinking momma's blood through her boob. there's some sort of allusion to a mother's bonding and commitment to her child and there is also a fair amount of the whole mid-wife vs. hospital war that is currently going on in this country. i was expecting more horroriness to it. something was missing for me. of course, i watched "ju-on 2" when i was in my second trimester of pregnancy and it TOTALLY fucked me up. i think i was expecting more of that. once again, the netflix rating system has a case where i gave two out of five stars, when really, it was more of a two and three quarters.

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