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Friday, May 7, 2010


Pandorum (2009)

Directoctor: Christian Alvart

Starring: Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid, dude who played the guy who killed mischa barton in "the o.c." and the bad vampire in, not the black vampire, he played the black mormon on "house" the other one, Antje Traue, and Cung Le

Synopsis: Space horror/thriller with evolved human zombie cannibals, and darkness, and the continuance of the human race. spaceship with the last remaining humans on a mission to a planet extremely similar to earth. something happens, two crewman are brought out of hyperspace sleepytime. they suffer from memory loss and space dementia. spaceship is dying, so one of them must reboot the nuclear reactor, while contending with really fast creatures that will gut him and eat him. all this while in the dark.

The Woman (only):
 i wouldn't say this was a good movie, but it kept me going for however long it is. suspenseful for me, but i'm pretty easy about that stuff. it doesn't take a lot for me to be suspensed. the plot has been done before like alien, or stupid event horizon, or any other deep space scary movie, but i enjoyed myself. there were a couple twists at the end. one was pretty obvious, one was not so much. it appealed to me because i've been watching pretty much anything with ben foster in it because i used to watch flash forward on disney in adolescence and he played tucker james and it's just really nice to see little tucker james has made a name for himself. along with jewel staite who played his best friend becca who has now starred in such greats as firefly/ serenity, and a little syfy original sequel to mothman. suweet. oh and a totally awesome teen drama that had like ten episodes about a troubled teen schoolycamp called higher ground costarring the oscar worthy actor hayden christensen! it used to be on the family channel back in the stone ages. anyway, sorry i got side 

pandorum... titled after the subplot. the space dimentiaaaaa.

 the way the plot unfolded was interesting. the viewer finds out information about the plot as the characters slowly get their memory back. i don't know. i thought it was entertaining for what it was. i'm sure others would highly disagree. i find darkness and space and loneliness and vastness creepy. the end

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  1. crap. i did want to point out the similarity of the space evil thingies, in this and the reavers in firefly, there by sealing the fates of tucker james and becca together forever in cinematic history fighting the same monsters.